Why Richmond Industries load cells cost so little

At the Load Cell Shop, we sell our own range of UK manufactured load cells, and a high quality imported economy range. All of our Richmond Industries load cells are made from carefully selected materials to ensure consistently high performance and a durable load cell product.

So, how can we sell load cells at such low prices?

The short answer is – we’re not greedy! We don’t manufacture in bulk so we don’t need to hold vast amounts of expensive stock.

Most of our load cells are currently in a ‘near complete’ state. It only takes us around two working days to complete them, test them and deliver them to you. If you require just a few items, we can usually offer an almost next day service. For larger orders or regular shipments, we can work to your call-off schedule, as required.

In other words, we’d rather make the load cells you want, when you want them, and add a little on top, rather than create shedloads of high priced cells that don’t quite make the grade.

It’s our old-fashioned way of putting quality above quantity, pride above profit, and it helps considerably that our CEO prefers making load cells in Reading to loafing around in Rio…

Save money and buy online

We’ve put a lot of time and money into our new look website, so you can save even more money by buying our load cells online, anytime, day or night. Whether out on site on your mobile, at your desktop PC or laptop, or even sunning yourself on a beach with your iPad, buying our exceptional quality load cell products is just a click away. Go on, try it – browse our shop now.

Even lower prices in our Bargain Bin

At Richmond Industries we work to very high standards and are proud of the load cells we produce, but on occasions a load cell can become cosmetically damaged during manufacture.

We are unwilling to pass these items on to our customers but we also understand there are people out there that like a bargain and are not concerned about the look of the product.

As these load cells only have minor cosmetic damage and are fully functional in every other respect, we thought we’d create a Bargain Bin. Obviously we are unable to predict which load cells or capacities will come up, but keep checking back and you might get lucky!