Very Low Capacity

When you’re looking for a high quality Very Low Capacity Load Cell in the ranges from 100g to 1000g 1N to 10N, choose the 920 Series from Richmond Industries.

With a wide temperature operating range of -20 to +70 degrees, and a robust construction, this little load cell (force sensor) is a highly cost-effective solution for any job requiring low range load, weight and force measurement, such as parts counting scales, medical testing, and other lightweight testing projects.

Our Very Low Capacity (ultra low capacity) Load Cells are available in 1N, 2N, 5N and 10N capacities, and feature built-in overload protection. The range is also now available with in-line conditioning modules.

Looking for something specific, or need a bespoke very Low Capacity load cell solution? Call us – we’re happy to help with custom design and manufacturing services that are highly efficient and remarkably cost-effective. 01189 310 396.