Up to 10kN - 1,000kg 2,000lbs

Load cells with capacities up to 10kN – 1,000kg 2,000lbs

A selection from our range of load cells designed to measure medium loads up to 1 tonne, 1000kg, 2000lbs, 10kN. These medium capacity load cells are ideal for use in a variety of measurement applications, including on small tanks or hoppers, bulk media weighing, pallet weighing, hand jacks, etc.

Our selection of medium capacity load cells contains different types of load cells from all our ranges. You can also check out our optional wired and wireless load links, for a complete load cell solution to buy online, right now. And yes, we take credit cards and Paypal too!

Don’t see exactly what you need? Give us a call on 01189 310 396 to discuss your specific requirements, or for advice in setting up a multiple load cell system using load cells from Richmond Industries.