S Beam Load Cells

Our 700 Series offers you a complete range of precision ‘S’ beam load cells specially designed for testing of tension/compression and bi-directional testing applications. Our precision-made, robust and cost-effective S beam cells are ideal for:

  • Materials test machines
  • Platform, hopper and tank weighing systems
  • Hybrid scales, overhead track scales, belt scales and process weighing applications

Richmond Industries S beam load cells are available in a range of capacities:

  • 500N 1kN 2.5kN 5kN
  • 10k 20kN 30kN 50kN
  • 50kg, 100kg

Need something a little unusual? Just call us on 01189 310 396 – we’re happy to help with bespoke design and manufacture of low profile cells made to your specific requirements.