Load Link With Display

A high quality, precision-made load link load cell with built in digital display. Read the weight directly at the lifting point, with no wires to get tangled up or cut. Our load link load cell come in a range of capacities; 1t, 2.5t, 5t, 12t, 25t, and 50t. All load links are proof test to twice the SWL.

Complete control with touch sensitive buttons

Just press the touch buttons to control or amend Tare, Peak hold, Preset Tare, Audible set point alarm or Overload counter, or to change units (kg, lbs, kN & tonnes). Each of our load links with display is fitted with RS422 output so it can connect to one of our handheld displays, so you can access data and control settings remotely.

Every Richmond Industries load link load cell is supplied in a neat and convenient carry case.

Need some advice on your multiple load link system setup? Call us on 01189 310 396 to talk through your specific requirements and options; we’ve over 20 years experience in the design and manufacture of load cells and load links.