Load Link With Cable

Our premium Load Link load cell comes with an integrated cable up to 30 metres long, for reliable and hassle-free connection. You can connect the cable to our rugged hand held digital display or to your own equipment via 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V or +/-10V.

More about Richmond Industries load link load cells

Our range of load links are available with your choices of cable length, so you can position them up to 30metres from a safe viewing position for the readout (via hand held display). Cabled load links are suitable for use in situations and locations where wireless technology is either not feasible or reliable.

All our cabled load links are supplied with a Proof Load Certificate, Calibration Certificate and lightweight aluminium carry case. All our load links with integral cables are compatible with our hand held displays (optional extra), but do note that these load links with analogue output do require separate instrumentation.

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