Load Links

The Load Cell Shop features a range of cost effective high accuracy load link load cells offering high safety factor and resolution, IP66 ‘O’ ring sealing and a robust carry/storage case.

Load link load cells can be used in a wide variety of applications from testing and overhead weighing to bollard pulling and tug testing.

The standard range of the load link load cells is from 250kg to 500 tonnes and includes wireless load links that link to a hand held display, load links with built in display, and load links with analogue output.

Why choose Richmond Industries load link load cells

At Richmond Industries we have over 20 years experience designing, manufacturing and supplying load cells of the highest quality. We can supply all your load cell requirements and offer expert load cell and applications advice.

View our load links range online today or contact our friendly team for specialist load cell applications advice – 01189 310 396.

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