Calibration Services from The Load Cell Shop

Correct calibration of your load cells is vital for accurate measuring and testing uses. We offer several calibration services to suit your requirements:

  • Calibration of new load cells and instruments
  • Re-calibration of your existing load cells
  • Recalibration of your current load links
  • Full calibration by UKAS accredited lab
  • Proof testing
  • Load cell output rationalisation

Load cell calibration by Richmond Industries

We can calibrate most load cells and indicators from a few grams to 1000 Tonne. We provide full system calibration at our manufacturing base in Reading UK for most types of load cells with or without digital displays, load cell amplifiers, and load cell USB accessories. All our calibrations are traceable to national standards.

Our experienced load cell team can also check your load cells, replace any that are faulty or nearing the end of their life, and advise on possible improvements to your load cell systems, including wireless upgrades.

UKAS Calibration

If you require a Certified Calibration Certificate, we can have your load cells calibrated by a UKAS accredited lab. (UKAS has replaced NAMAS in the force industry.)

Have a specific question about load cell calibration? Call us on +44 (0)1189 310 396 – we’re happy to help