Twelve days of load cells: our 2020 Christmas quiz

Published On: December 22 2020


Test your knowledge of load cells and general trivia with our Christmas 2020 quiz. 

1. Our low profile 100 series load cells can resist extraneous loads including bending, torque and side loads. What’s another term for low profile load cells?

a. Pancake 

b. Christmas cake

c. Have your cake and eat it


2. Our 600 series folded shear beam load cells have an in-line format that’s suitable for a wide range of highly accurate weighing tasks. What’s the name for the Japanese art of paper folding?

a. Shasimi

b. Origami

c. Death by a thousand paper cuts


3. Our 400 and 410 series of miniature button type load cells are designed to measure compressive force measurement in confined spaces where size is an issue. In which Christmas (online) pantomime would you find a young man called Buttons?

a. Dick Whittington

b. Mother Goose

c. Cinderella


4. Which NASA space mission circled the Moon on Christmas Eve, and messaged to Houston control on Christmas Day. “Please be informed there is a Santa Claus.

a. Apollo 8

b. Apollo 13

c. Artemis 1


5. Our 340 series load cells are designed and manufactured here in the UK for heavier compression testing and monitoring solutions. Are they:

a. High Capacity

b. High Fidelity

c. High and Mighty


6. Which of these standards can Richmond Industries calibrate (and re-calibrate) your load cells to?

a. UKAS procedures

b. ASTM E74

c. ISO 376


7. According to our summer blog, which historic sagging ship is now sitting pretty on 134 steel proper and monitored by load cells?

a. The Good Ship Lollipop

b. HMS Belfast

c. HMS Victory


8. Do our Wireless Load Link load cells include a wireless transmitter?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Sorry I was scoffing a mince pie. What was the question again?


9. According to Sky News, (sales of Christmas lights in the four weeks to 15 November compared to the same period a year ago have risen by:

a. 113%

b. 178%

c. 238%


10. Sticking with Sky’s Christmas sales figures, whilst sales of cream liqueurs have doubled for 2020, which seasonal favourite has experienced an 8% *drop* in sales?

a. Brussel sprouts

b. Mince pies

c. Turkeys


11. In our blog “Life in the load cell fast lane during lockdown”, which Formula 1 racing driver was quoted as saying he was “not really interested in driving-simulator racing”, despite the fact that most top level e-racing setups include load cells in their ultra-responsive pedals?

a. Kimi Raikkonen

b. Lewis Hamilton

c. Max Verstappen


12. Will LadBaby scoop the No1 Christmas song slot for the THIRD year in a row?

a. Yes!

b. No!

c. I’ll watch their official “Don’t Stop Me Eatin’” video and then decide… (




All of us at The Load Cell Shop and Richmond Industries wish you a Merry Christmas and a relaxing break.









6. all – trick question






12. Your guess is as good as ours! They are up against Shakin’ Stevens and Mariah Carey, after all…