The Load Cell Shop Christmas Quiz 2021

Published On: December 16 2021

Test your knowledge of load cells and general trivia with our Christmas 2021 quiz.

  1. Our low profile 100 series load cells are designed for a wide range of used including high accuracy load weighing. According to the Guinness Book of Records, how much did the world’s heaviest Christmas pudding weigh? 
 A) 1.26 tonnes
 B) 2.27 tonnes
 C) 3.28 tonnes


  1. Our 600 Series of high precision folded shear beam load cells are great for high accuracy tank and hopper weighing, axle and vehicle weigh platforms and overhead crane weighing. They won’t help you fold anything, though. According to Wikipedia, when was the first instructions for napkin folding published?
 A) 1639
 B) 1739
 C) 1839


  1. Our blog on The Landscape Evolution Observatory in Arizona described how load cells were helping scientists understand the process of colonisation of barren landscapes, known as terraforming. In the movie “Star Trek II Wrath of Khan”, what was the name of the terraforming project?
 A) Trespass
 B) Genesis
 C) Abacab


  1. Our social media team are big fans of Eurovision (sad but true), as shown by their blog on the 2021 contest. A young Celine Dion won Eurovision for Switzerland in 1988 despite being a French Canadian Quebecoise. Which country did she beat to the top slot by a single point?
 A) Greece
 B) UK
 C) Luxembourg


  1. Richmond Industries, the manufacturers behind the Load Cell Shop, are based in which thriving, dynamic and incredibly glamorous town in Berkshire?
 A) Reading
 B) Windsor
 C) Newbury


  1. Which of these standards can Richmond Industries calibrate (and re-calibrate) your load cells to?
 A)     UKAS procedures
 B) ASTM E74
 C) ISO 376


  1. According to our article on new ways to harness wind power using kites, how much wind power is on average available at an altitude of 1000m?
 A)     5.80 W/m2
 B) 58 W/m2
 C) 580 W/m2


  1. Do our premium load link with cable come with an integrated cable?
 A) Yes
 B) No
 C)     Sorry I was enjoying a glass of eggnog and party games at our office “gathering”. What was the question again?


  1. In the image accompanying our article on load cells in the driving seat, which breed of dog is at the wheel?
 A)     Boxer
 B) Bracco Italiano
 C) Borzoi


  1. The Grocery Gazette calculates that for Christmas 2021, sales of mince pies will reach how much due to ‘pent-up’ demand?
 A)     £50 million
 B) £75 million
 C) £100 million


  1. The festive drink eggnog contains cream, egg and which alcoholic tipple?
 A)   Brandy
 B) Bourbon
 C) Dark rum


  1. At the Load Cell Shop, you can buy a single load cell or a whole load of load cells. Talking of singles, which of these is going to be the Christmas 2021?
 A)   LadBaby with Elton John and Ed Sheeran (yes, really!) : WATCH
 B) Abba
 C) Adele
 D) RuPaul
 E) St.Martins Voices (The Choir of St Martin-in-the-Fields London)


All of us at The Load Cell Shop and Richmond Industries wish you a Merry Christmas and a relaxing break.


1: C

It was made by the villagers of Aughton, Lancashire, UK and officially unveiled on 11 July 1992.

2: A

Matthia Gieger, a German meat carver working in Padua, published his instruction manual as part of a series of treatises on culinary arts entitled Le tre trattati. Napkin folding first became popular during the reign of Louis XIV of France.

3: B

If you spotted that all three answers were also albums by rock band Genesis, take a geeky bow and an extra point.

4: B

According to, Celine beat the UK’s Scott Fitzgerald singing a song written by Bruce Forsyth’s daughter. Fitzgerald was leading by five points when the final vote was cast by Yugoslavia giving six points to Switzerland and nul point to the the UK (sound familiar?)

5: A

OK, Reading is not terribly glamourous but it is listed as the top place to move to in Yopa’s Love Where You Live Guide. We like it anyway, and it’s got great transport links for quick shipping of our UK-manufactured load cells around the UK.

6: All

Trick question but good to know!

7: C

We were pleased to help the creators of the wind power gathering kite in their early days of business. Have a read – it’s interesting how the perennial issue of twisted strings has turned into the technique to harness the power.

8: A


9: A

A pretty young boxer, but we equally love a friendly Bracco Italiano  or elegant Borzoi too!

10: C

By the end of November 2021, UK consumers had already bought around 5.5million mince pies. According to Grocery Gazette, “Iceland’s mince pies, flavoured with yuzu juice and cider, topped the leaderboard of consumer experts Which?”.

11: Any of them

At least, according to a recipe from Aldi. Jamie Oliver prefers dark rum or Bourbon. Gordon Ramsey says run, brandy or cognac – or nothing. So take your pick.


Your guess is as good as ours! At time of writing, LadBaby were the bookies’ favourite at 1.14 according to website.