Pancake Load Cell Day

Published On: February 6 2018


We can’t let an opportunity for a tenuous connection pass us by here at the Load Cell Shop, so on Tuesday 13 February, we’ll be celebrating Pancake Load Cell Day!

Pancake load cells, otherwise known as low profile load cells, are suitable for a whole range on measuring, testing and lab applications. Their low profile format enables pancake load cells to resist extraneous loads such as bending, torque and side loads. This makes them a highly effective tool for fatigue testing, in test rigs and for force measurement testing.

The sales part

We stock a wide range of low profile load cells with a range of capacities from 2.5kN to 300kN. All our UK-made low profile load cells are compatible with our load cell bases. These are made from precision-machined stainless steel, with optional load buttons and mating connectors.

When used together, they offer exceptionally high performance for multiple testing cycles. However, they do taste terrible even with sugar and lemon, so please do not attempt to consume them.


The fun part!

Easter is early this year, so Shrove Tuesday falls, in a cruel twist of fate, just before St Valentine’s Day. So if you plan to give up anything for Lent, like chocolate, sugar, or roses, why not make the most of Pancake Day and try and break these amazing Guinness World Records!


Largest pancake ever made

Made by the Co-op in Manchester in August 1994, this mega pancake measured 15.01metres in diameter and was just 2.5cm (1inch) thick. The image on the Guinness website shows the pancake being lifted with the assistance of two large construction cranes, so load cells were probably heavily involved too!


Tallest stack of pancakes

Another British record holder, this time the kitchen team at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest In 2016, tow chefs created a gently tapering stack of 213 pancakes standing an impressive 101.8cm (3ft 4 inches)tall.

According to the Guinness World Records website:

“Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Pravin Patel attended the attempt to ensure the stack was made entirely out of free-standing pancakes and was able to remain upright for at least five seconds after the chefs were finished constructing it.”


Highest pancake toss

Dominic Cuzzacrea holds the record for the highest pancake toss at 9.47 metres. In 2010, he beat the previous record by an impressive 30cm, although the triumph was perhaps slightly muted by the fact that he was the previous record holder…


Most pancake tosses in one minute

Now this is impressive. In 2012, Australian Brad Jolly tossed a pancake 140 times in 60 seconds. What state the pancake was in after that frenzied minute of activity is not recorded.


Fastest marathon flipping a pancake

We’re all very used to seeing people doing odd things whilst running the London Marathon. So it’s surprising to discover that the world record time for running a marathon while flipping a pancake continuously is held by Mike Cuzzacrea of the USA. His time of 3hrs 2mins 27secs was recorded at the Casino Niagara International Marathon, which takes runners from Buffalo in the US across the border to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.


Need pancake load cells pronto?

You can buy all our off-the-shelf low profile load cells at our online shop, for fast turnaround and delivery to the UK and beyond.

Or, call us with your specific requirements and we can design and a bespoke load cell set-up tailored to your needs, at a flippin’ good price too. (Couldn’t resist that one!)