Load cells 101: what load cell types are best for your project?

Published On: May 23 2017


Load Cell Types Guide

There are many different types of load cells, so how do you know which one is the right one for your requirements? Take a look at our guide below to find the ideal load cell for your project.


Shear Beam Load Cells

Low profile load cells are designed to provide a compact solution. This makes them ideal for applications where limited space is a factor. However, they can still be used for high capacity requirements, despite their small and convenient size.


Shear Beam Load Cells

The durable design of shear beam load cells makes them perfect for industrial uses. Normally used in groups, they are ideal for taking weight measurements under platforms or tanks. They usually offer a medium capacity solution.


Folded Shear Beam Load Cells

Folded shear beam load cells are similar to the standard variety, but can measure higher capacities. They are also more accurate, even if the application is subjected to vibration or other movement. This makes them ideal for crane weighing systems and weighing vehicles.


S Beam Load Cells

S beam load cells are used in smaller applications, such as material testing machines. They are generally used for lower capacity requirements. They are also used for applications that require a high level of precision.


Cantilever Beam Load Cells

Cantilever beam load cells are most suited to some of the lower capacity requirements.  They provide accurate measurements of small quantities. They are normally used in smaller applications, such as bench weighing scales or part counting scales. 


Low Capacity Load Cells

As the name suggests, low capacity load cells are found in low capacity applications. Measurements can range from 5N to 500N. They are ideal for accurately weighing and measuring small parts. They are typically used for material and component testing machines.


Very Low Capacity

Very low capacity load cells are used when measuring very small quantities. The range for measurements is 1N to 10N. These are particularly suited to applications like medical testing and in counting scales for parts. 


In Line Load Cells

In line load cells get their name from their placement in relation to the application load axis. The available capacities range from 100N to 20kN. They are perfect for testing and monitoring cable tension or for controlling batch process systems.


Compact Type Load Cells

Compact type load cells provide a higher capacity performance in a small package. They measure just 5cm by 5.5cm but the capacity they can measure ranges from 10kN to 200kN. The space saving size of these load cells mean they are usually found in silo weighing or building monitoring applications.


Miniature Button Load Cells

Miniature button load cells provide a compact solution for applications that require high endurance and high accuracy. The capacity measurements range from 0.5kn to 20kN. They are typically used in industrial applications, such as machinery used in industrial processes.


High Capacity Load Cellss

High capacity load cells are used in applications that involve testing and measuring heavier loads. They are offer high accuracy and have a capacity ranging from 25 to 1000T. The heavy capacity design makes them perfect for weighing large silos or tanks.


Need a bespoke load cell designed just for you?

At the Load Cell Shop, we can design load cells to your exact specifications, and manufacture them here in the UK at our Reading base. Call us with your specific requirements.