Keep it clean: load cells in mucky places

Published On: March 28 2017


Load cells can be found at the heart of many processes, many of which are not ideal for precision instruments! The issue is always to protect your load cells whilst keeping the working environment around them clean and safe for employees. If you’re using load cells for weighing applications, it’s particularly important to keep the scale area free of debris and dust, to ensure accurate weighing.


An article in Recycling Magazine on maintaining weighing scales in recycling plants pointed out three key areas where cleaning could come into conflict with load cells. These points apply equally to any situation where waste can accumulate near precision equipment such as load cells, from farmyards to breweries.


1. Go easy with the pressure washer

Jet pressure washing may be quick, efficient, and effective, but it can also very quickly soak sensitive electronic equipment. In this situation, load cells need to be both waterproof and robust enough to withstand the physical pressure of the water jet, and keep the electronics inside completely dry. At Load Cell Shop we stock a range of waterproof load cells – just call us for details. We can also advise on load cells for use in marine environments.


2. Ensure your equipment is earthed

Lightening strikes and power surges are not good for large weighing structures such as weighbridges – and the crucial load cells within them. A power surge due to unearthed equipment could fry your load cells’ electronics and leave you with a large repair or replacement bill. Ensure your equipment is properly earthed (grounded) or call us to discuss your specific requirements for load cell protection.


3. Sitting water and corrosion

Any build-up of water or moisture may first show as corrosion on the outside of your weighing scales, silos or similar. This is the point where you should check your load cells too. Any build-up of moisture inside the cell or on its associated wiring could affect the accuracy of readings. If you have doubts about the integrity of one of your load cells, it may actually prove more cost-effective to replace it than to remove, test, repair and recalibrate it.


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