Getting social with load cells – the Season continues

Published On: June 23 2017


Load cells crop up in applications used in a variety of special events throughout the year. Here are some more load cell appearances on the social calendar we can look forward to in the coming months.

British Grand Prix – Silverstone – July

The British Grand Prix is considered one of the greatest sporting events held in the UK. Many spectators flock to Silverstone to catch a glimpse of the “insanely” fast race and national hero, Lewis Hamilton, in action. Few of these spectators realise that load cells are playing an equally important role in the race. 

Load cells have been included in Formula 1 race cars to measure a whole host of things, including brake, driveshaft and steering system torque, along with suspension loads. This information improves the performance of racing cars, so Formula 1 fans can thank load cells for providing faster cars with more efficient handling!


Cowes International Yachting Week – August

If you prefer your racing on the water than on a racetrack, Cowes is the event for you this summer. Attracting approximately 8,000 competitors, with boats ranging from the traditional to more contemporary varieties, it’s unsurprisingly one of the best UK sporting events of the year.

Load cells are a vital part of the competitors’ performance. One key use enables sailors to monitor the tension of the rigging, which they can then tune according to the sailing conditions. This ensures sailors can optimise the performance of their rig and improve their chances of a successful race.


The Promenade Concerts – Royal Albert Hall, London – September

Summer is the time for festivals, and the Proms is up there amongst the most well known in the country. With over 70 concerts taking place over an 8-week period, it is a classical music lover’s must-see event. The Proms dates back to 1895, so the introduction of load cells is relatively new. This doesn’t stop them being an integral part of the set up now.

Load cells  play an important role in concerts, with applications in rigging for lighting and scenery. They enable backstage staff to monitor the cables and ensure that overloading is never an issue during a live event. With the sheer volume of rigging required for these types of performances, load cells make monitoring the whole rigging structure far simpler.


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