Celebrating all things cars (and the load cells they rely on!)

Published On: August 24 2023

It’s a big weekend for motorsport and car enthusiasts, with two main festivals to enjoy this August Bank Holiday weekend.

The Silverstone Festival 2023 is a celebration of historic motorsport with a strong family focus. Formula 1 is in pole position, of course, marking 75 years of motorsport at Silverstone. You can get up close and personal with the latest grand prix cars from top teams including McLaren and Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS, take the wheel in a Formula 1 simulator, and watch racing from “Formula One’s Golden Era featuring 3-litre engined cars from ’66 to ’85”.

CarFest is the fundraising festival brainchild of DJ Chris Evans, and it’s a great family event for car lovers and their families. It’s actually 7 festivals in one, covering cars, music, kids events, adventure sports, the celeb packed “StarFest” and more.

And the reason we’re mentioning these? Automotive design, testing and racing has always relied on load cells to measure, monitor and more. Here are just some of our recent articles on automotive load cells, which are sometimes in the driving seat of innovation!


Wind tunnels and tyres: load cells in automotive testing

Where are the load cells in the the world’s most advanced wind tunnel, costing a cool $124million? Possibly not quite where you’d expect them….




LC---Mikka-time-trial-2.jpgFast and furious: load cells and the World Time Attack Challenge 2019

Why we’re proud to be part of team Audi R8 1:1 project at the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge 2019.

It’s not every day you can look at a modified production Audi belting around an Australian race track at over 240km/h and say, “We helped test that”! Read the full story in our blog.



LC---formula-one.jpgLife in the load cell fast lane during lockdown

What do Formula 1 drivers do when they are taken off the road and into lockdown? And how do load cells play their part in keeping them both entertained and driving-seat ready for when the season restarts?




Reaching out: load cells for robotic datasets and other news

If you’re a fan of robotics, rugby or racing around a track for 24 hours non-stop, reach out and grab the info from our article at the Load Cell Shop website.





Hugging the road: load cells in road vehicles

Tired of tyres wearing out? How a new system will help automotive manufacturers assess expected tyre wear more easily, and why load cells are helping fuel the UK zero emissions future.




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