Can you hear me at the back? Load cell amplifiers

Published On: August 16 2018


Load cells don’t shout out their data, they whisper it!! Their mV/V signal output, normally in the order of a few millivolts, may therefore need a boost or conversion to another type of signal, whether analogue (mA/V) or digital (RS232, RS485).

Load cell amplifiers and displays

Our robust and dependable range of load cell amplifiers and load cell displays provide the perfect way to view your data in the format you want. Our range includes battery powered load cell displays that fit in the palm of your hand, to large wireless displays with LED Digits for wall mounting, and visible from up to 60m away.


Load cell amplifiers and display adaptors

There’s nothing more annoying than discovering that you might have the right load cell for the job, but you’ve not got the right connector! So, we stock a range of specialist adaptors so all your load cells are connected properly, for maximum efficiency and no data loss.


Wired or wireless – we’ve got you covered

Wireless load cells are ideal for monitoring uses in unaccessible places or inhospitable environments. However, if you’ve got wired load cells already, and don’t want to replace them, the Amp7-TxMidi wireless transmitter can really help. It powers the load cell, and transmits the signal to any suitable receiver within an 800m range. Powered by just two AA batteries, this unit uses exceptionally little power for an impressive battery life of up to 5 years.

The unit’s broadcasted data can be picked up by as many receivers as you wish, such as a relay module, a wireless USB receiver for your PC or laptop, a handheld display or even a wireless wall mounted display.


All in one solution

The Amp1 is an all in one unit housing a load cell amplifier and 4.5 digit display. The Amp1 powers the load cell, amplifies the output signal, and displays the applied load, eliminating the need for different components. The Amp1 can also provide an analogue output to interface with your PC.

Configurable parameters are provided in the AMP1 that provide flexibility for monitoring and controlling applications. These parameters are included as constants in the AMP1 database, and can be accessed via the keypad or communications port. Any data your enter is retained by EEPROM for up to 10 years without the need for back-up power. You can also keep your parameters secure by setting a 4 digit password number.

For more details, download the Amp1 user guide


In line load cell amplifiers

Need your load cell data quickly? Our new range of In Line Load Cell Amplifiers and Load Cell USB modules are used in industry, testing and research for speedy, accurate data transfer direct from your load cells to your PC.

Our Miniature In Line USB module enables you to plug your load cell directly into your PC or laptop via the USB port. You can load data directly into Excel or other spreadsheet programmes, for easy data analysis and to make your own reports. We also provide free software (yes, we did say free) which enables you to either set up and monitor a single load cell, or connect multiple load cells and display up to 24 channels simultaneously (if your laptop is up to it.) The load cells is powered by the USB port, providing a minimum of 3.35 volts, so there is no need for an external power source.

Our Miniature In Line Load Cell Amplifier amplifies the load cell signal into a number of more usable outputs:

  • 0-5
  • 0-10V
  • +/-10V
  • 4-20mA

For more details, see our in line conditioning modules page.


Always a double act

In line load cell amplifiers need to be calibrated together with the load cell it is to be used for. That’s why at the Load Cell Shop we only sell our in line load cell amplifiers with our load cells – you can’t buy them separately. Our calibration of load cells and modules is in compression unless specified otherwise.


Don’t see what you need?

Check out our range of load cell amplifiers here – or call us to discuss your specific requirements. We’re always happy to help.