Branded and unbranded load cells: what’s really under the label

Published On: September 28 2016

If you’re new to this website, you might not have heard of Richmond Industries load cells. Which is fine by us, as chances are you might have used one of our range of load cells without even knowing it!


Our load cells

folded shear beam load cellWe’ve been designing, manufacturing and selling our own brand load cells for over 20 years to engineers, heavy industry, manufacturing, packaging companies, the food industry and more. We’ve always sold direct to our customers, and now with our load cell shop online, you can buy from us direct too, at a click of a mouse.

There’s no minimum order, we offer remarkably fast turnaround times, and our prices are extremely competitive, if not downright cheap. This is because we do everything ourselves here onsite in Reading, from first design doodle to final manufactured cell.


Their load cells

We also make load cells for other load cell manufacturers. They come to us for quality, precision and exceptionally well-made load cells they can rely on, not cheap imports from abroad. They then pop their brand label on, up the price a bit (or more) and sell it as their own. Which is also fine by us, as they get the quality they want and we get to produce our quality load cells in larger cost-effective batches.


Testing machine load cells

We also make load cells for testing machine manufacturers, creating bespoke designs to exactly meet their specifications for their particular machines. Again, it’s a win-win scenario. They get the exact specification load cells they need, and we can supply in controlled batches of up to 100 pieces at a time, a more cost-effective method than buying in bulk and storing onsite.


Your load cells

Best of all, we can provide you with the load cells you require. If you don’t see what you need in our wide range of load cells, or don’t know the best cell to use, just call us. We are happy to help with advice, recommendations, and multicell system information. We can even help solve your challenges with bespoke load cells for your specific needs, designed and manufactured here in Reading, Berkshire.


All things load cell

As you might have gathered by now, we like load cells. So, we also offer a range of load cell services, including calibration and testing, repair or replace assessments and load cell accessories such as handheld digital displays and software.


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