Building bridges and shipping containers: load cells in the news


As the world rapidly opens up for trade and construction again, we found two interesting load cells news stories for you.

Monitoring the construction of cable bridges with load cells

Load cells often play an important role in monitoring the cables on cable-stayed / suspension bridges. The Tajo Viaduct in Spain was no exception.

Located on the high-speed railway line between Madrid and Extremadura, this elegant cabled bridge measures 14888 metres in length, with a 324m span arch. The top deck consists of six spans, each 54metres long.


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Decommissioned wind turbines, load cells and turbine blade bridges


Wind powered electricity is finally coming into its own. According to the ONC, the UK electricity generation from wind power increased by 715% from 2009 to 2020. In 2020, that amounted to 24% of the total electricity generation including both renewables and non-renewables.

During Storm Malik in early 2022, when wind speeds reached up to 100 miles an hour, UK wind farms generated more than 19,500 mega watts - over half the UK’s electricity.


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Wind tunnels and tyres: load cells in automotive testing


As the world moves towards electric vehicles, it’s interesting to see innovations that aim to make testing cars and component parts easier and more comprehensive.

It’s a wind tunnel, but not as we know it

Costing a cool $124million, the world’s most advanced wind tunnel tests cars for both aerodynamics and aeroacoustics.

Honda’s new rolling road wind tunnel in Ohio uses a rig whereby vehicles have their brakes and suspension disconnected. The vehicle is them mounted on load cells to keep it at a constant ride height. (For us load cells geeks, the balance (scale) that measures aerodynamic load features a 3-axis load cell in the tower with a Drag Force Sensitivity = +/- 2.5 Newtons (2.5 N).)


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Snow load and expresso shots: load cells in action



Two innovative uses of load cells we found for you this month. Grab a coffee and enjoy!

Angled solar panels and snow-load tests

One of the issues around testing solar panels for their load-bearing capacity is that standard testing involves the panel lying flat. However, when installed or roofs, the panels are at an angle. The result is that snow slides down the glass panel and accumulates at the bottom, so the snow load isn’ evenly distributed.

The result is that panels can fail by bending at the bottom edge. Chinese firm LONGi have created a test rig for testing inhomogeneous snow loads that holds a panel at 37 degrees. Weight can be added on a tilted panel just like accumulated snow would.

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Load cells and beehives: what’s the buzz


We’ve written about using load cells to weigh beehives and report on colony health before. So we were delighted to discover a brand new design for a smart bee hive by a French start-up business. What’s great about the Apiago is it enables complete beginners to keep bees and monitor their health via an app, according to an article in “Process and Control Today”.

This innovative smart hive is acorn-shaped and can be mounted on the outside wall of a home barn, or indeed any garden building. It literally takes the hive to new heights, providing food and shelter for these important pollinators and keeping the colony out of reach above the head height of children, pets and very tall people!

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Approved load cells for weighbridges: don’t count your chickens


Choosing an “unapproved” load cell to repair a weighbridge has cost a New Zealand firm over $30,000.

Precia Molen, a weighing specialist company, were called in to repair a weighbridge used to weigh truckloads of chickens arriving at a factory. The owner of the factory, Tegal Foods, were experiencing problems with their road weighbridge.

According to a report in the NZ Herald:

“The certificate of approval for the weighbridge only allowed for the fitting of a particular type of compression load cells … But Precia Molen had used one unapproved load cell, in addition to three of the approved, and then issued a certificate of accuracy in relation to the weighbridge.”


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Load cells and winter sports: measuring success


If like us you've been watching to the Winter Olympics, two things might have struck you:

  1. How technology must play a crucial part in testing and making sports equipment when competitors win medals by one hundredth of a second
  2. How ridiculously young many of the competitors are!

Whilst the second is probably a reflection of how long Richmond Industries has been making, designing and manufacturing load cells, the first is definitely true. We’re proud to say that load cells are used extensively in testing winter sports equipment and monitoring athletic performance, whether on ice or snow.


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Multi-axis load cells: when you need to measure force and torque


Load cells are used extensively in our everyday working and home lives, mostly based on measuring force in one direction. So, your bathroom scale load cells measure weight from above, as does the load cell in your car seat that knows when you’re sitting in the driving seat (but not wearing a seat belt!). The load cell in your racing car SIM pedal knows how much pressure you’re applying, just as the industrial load cells under a hopper of grain can ensure exact amounts are released when required.


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Big data: benefits of load cells for assessing and monitoring crane lifts


Big data has proved time and time again the benefits of real-time monitoring, whether it's stresses on a bridge of the spread of strains of a virus! Thanks to constant monitoring, NASA has been able to unfurl the James Webb space telescope whose primary mirror segments are “aligned to one-five-thousandth the thickness of a human hair” - and in temperatures of -240C. NASA use a LOT of load cells when assembling space rockets and moving them too.


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Load Cells 2021 round-up


This year has seen a bumper crop of great news stories about how load cells are playing a crucial role in tackling climate change, improving sports performance, exploring space and building new ecosystems!

Here are just some of our favourites from 2021: enjoy!


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The Load Cell Shop Christmas Quiz 2021


Test your knowledge of load cells and general trivia with our Christmas 2021 quiz. 


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More of the white stuff: load cells and snow measurement


We may have only had a dusting down here at our Berkshire HQ, but elsewhere in the UK, a recent snowfall was heavy enough to trap people in Britain’s highest pub pub for three nights.

We’ve covered lots of innovations in snow measurement using load cells in previous blogs like this one but we couldn’t resist finding new stories to celebrate the return of the white stuff.


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A great start: load cells and bed leveling on 3D printers


Anyone with a 3D printer knows the problems of getting that all important first layer of print accurate. Often bed leveling (the process of printing onto a completely flat surface) is a matter of making adjustments manually, resulting in multiple print failures. Incorporating laid cells into the printer nozzle can help reduce if not eliminate the manual process, and creating more accurate printed results in the process.


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Terraforming: load cells help create a landscape from scratch


The recent volcanic eruption on the island of La Palma in the Canaries is a vivid and powerful reminder of the power of nature to sweep aside all in its path, leaving behind a barren landscape devoid of organic life. History has also shown us that over time, that same volcanic rock will form the basis for a whole new landscape and ecosystem.


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Don’t let it go! Load cells and the set of London’s latest musical


To the delight of a whole new generation, the much-loved animated film “Frozen” is now a West End musical. Originally staged on Broadway in 2018, “Frozen” the West End musical finally slid into London this year, with the truly magical costumes and set created by British theatre designer Christopher Oram.

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Beyond blades: the future of robot prosthetics


If you’ve been glued to the Paralympics coverage, you’ll have seen some of the remarkable feats of athletes who have lost one or more limbs. Equally, we are familiar with the sight of people wearing high-tech limbs on the high street as well as setting world records in athletics on high spec blades.

Now, work by the MIT Media Lab’s Biomechatronics group in the USA reveals the next step in the evolution of prosthetics as powered, robotic limbs that interact with the wearer’s own body. Or, as MIT PhD student Matthew Carney describes it:

“The TF8 actuator … an untethered, lower-extremity powered-prostheses designed to replicate biological kinetic and kinematic function of ankles.”


The TF8 heralds the next generation of power protheses that seek to replicate both function and feel for those who have had lower leg amputations. These “neurally-controlled “ powered limbs use sensors that allow the wearer to control the bionic foot’s movement using their own remaining muscle system after amputation.

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Load cells and listening in on honey bees


As a current BBC campaign is reminding us, giving bees a suitable food plant such as lavender is a great way to attract these amazing insects to your garden, back yard or balcony.

Now scientists are listening in on bees in the hive to try and understand their complex communications system. According to an article at, bees build up an electrostatic charge in their bodies which is released when they communicate:

“Their wax-covered bodies charge up with electrostatic energy due to friction when flying, similar to how rubbing your hair can make it stand on end.”


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Flying high: innovations in wind energy and load cells


Back in 2018, we dealt with a Scottish company who were at the cutting edge of Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) production. Three years on, we thought we’d wing past their website and see how they were getting on.

Now part of Norwegian company Kitemill, we were amazed to see how many companies and universities across the world are working on this highly materials-efficient method of energy production.

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A bridge to the future: 3D steel printing and load cells


If you’re proud of the latest plastic creation magicked from thin air by your new 3D printer, this project takes it to a whole new level.

The first-ever 3D printed bridge has just been installed over the Oudezijds Achterburgwal canal in Amsterdam. Many of the cyclists and pedestrians passing over the elegant S-shaped steel structure are probably totally unaware that it was constructed layer by layer, using robotic arms and welding torches.

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Going for gold: load cells and Tokyo Olympics sports


After being delayed for a whole year, and with no spectators due to COVID restrictions, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will finally officially start on Friday 23 July 2021.

It’s been a long wait for the athletes needing to keep themselves in prime physical condition despite a year of lockdowns, disrupted training and cancelled competitions.

Over the years we’ve detailed how load cells have played their part in training, monitoring and improving sporting performances across the entire spectrum of Olympic sports, both summer and winter.

So, here’s a list of the Olympic sports at Tokyo 2020 that we’ve written about. Click for more details of how load cells have played their part!

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