Shear Beam Load Cell 500kg 1t 2t 5t

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The 520 Series are a range of high precision Stainless Steel Shear Beam Load Cells. These load cells are suitable for a wide range of industrial weighing applications. As they are Hermetically sealed to IP68 (ATEX Option available) and are made from corrosion resistant stainless, it makes them ideal for harsh or hazardous environments. An All Weather All Zone load cell equally at home at sea or below ground. Typical applications include high accuracy tank and hopper weighing, electronic load platforms, bag filling machines and overhead scales.


Standard Ranges 0 to 500kg, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0t
Excitation Voltage 10V (normal), 15V (max) DC
Sensitivity 2.0 mV/V +/-0.01
Non-Linearity 0.02% of F.R.O or Better
Hysteresis 0.02% of F.R.O or Better
Zero Balance 1.0% of F.R.O
Bridge Resistance 1000 Ohm
Over Load Characteristics 120% Safe Overload
150% Ultimate Overload
Insulation Resistance > 1000M Ohm
Storage Temp -35 to +40 Degrees C
Operating Temp -20 to +60 Degrees C
Compensated Temp -10 to +40 Degrees C (Standard)
Electrical Connections 3m Screened Cable (0.5 – 2t), 6m Screened Cable (5t)
Thermal Sensitivity 0.005% of F.R.O/Degrees C


data sheet shear beam 520 series



UKAS Calibration (previously NAMAS)

Electrical Connections:

Green – Excitation +Ve
Black – Excitation -Ve
Red – Output +Ve
White – Output -Ve
Under Compression


Load Button
Full Silo Mounting Kit
Spacer Mounting Plate


Capacity L H W H1 H2 L1 L2 L3 L4 D d M Weight
0 to 0.5, 1.0, 2t 130.0 31.8 31.8 25.5(.25),26(.5),28(1),32(2t) 14.2 57.1 15.5 25.4 76.2 20.5 13.0 M12x1.75 0.75kg
0 to 5.0t 172.0 44.0 38.0 40.0 20.0 76.2 19.1 38.1 95.3 30.2 20.5 M20x2.5 3kg

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