DSC USB Load Cell Adapter

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Mantracourt DSCUSB and FSU-SSB

The DSCUSB Load Cell Adapter is a high performance digital signal conditioner with USB connectivity. The module is aimed at applications which require high-accuracy measurement repeatability (Standard unit up to 500 readings/second, High Speed version 4.8kHz)). The electronics are housed in a rugged enclosure, which makes the device suitable for nearly all environments. Simply by plugging the device into a PC, data can be extracted from the load cell and acquired by software, which allows data manipulation. No additional power supply is required as the module and the load cell are powered from the USB port. Multiple standard devices can be connected at the same time*. If you want to connect more load cells than your PC has USB ports then just use of a suitable USB hub. Supplied with simple display and logging software to get you up and running straight away (example screen shots below). More advanced users/programmers can take advantage of the DLL file. Please note, due to the speed and volume of data only one High-speed(4.8kHz) adaptor can be used at a time.

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