ADW15 Weighing Indicator

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Mantracourt ADW15

The ADW15 is no longer manufactured – This page is for info only. Mantracourt no longer manufactures any Panel Mount Displays so please see Amp9 Instrument as an alternative (Non-Mantracourt product).

The ADW15 is Mantracourts 4.5 digit load cell amplifier and display. The unit provides power to the load cell, amplifies the output signal and displays the applied load. The instrument also has the option of 2 x SPDT relays which can be used to switch electrical loads (250V-5A) directly at two different user defined set points or 1 x DPDT relay. The Display has multiple power options – either 240V AC,110V AC or 9-24V DC. There is also the facility to provide an anologue output allowing interface with a PC, chart recorder, etc.

Mantracourt has changed the way they manufacture the ADW, to streamline the number of production variations. If you would like a configuration that is not listed above then please get in touch on 01189 310 396 and we will be able to help you.


 Mantracourt ADW15 Part Numbers  (Example ADW15-V4-0-0-W240-P/G)

 Base Unit
 Standard ADW15  ADW15
 Fast Input Version (10ms) ADW15/FPT  ADW15/FPT
 None  0
 Analogue Output 0-10V  V4
 *Limited stocks* Analogue Output 0-1mA  A1
 Analogue Output 4-20mA  A3
 None  0
 RS485/232 Communications for MODBUS RTU, ASCII MANTRABUS  COM 1
 None  0
 *Limited stocks* 1 Relay SPCO on SP1  R1
 2 Relay SPCO on SP1 & SP2  R3
 Power Supplies
 110V, AC 50/60 HZ  W110
 230V, AC 50/60HZ  W240
 Supply 12/24V DC  W12/24
 Panel Mount  P
 DIN Rail  D
 Junction Box PCB (only) Passive  JPP
 Junction Box Active  JBA
 Junction Box PCB (only) Active  JPA

* refers to default options



Case Size and Specification    ADW15 Manual     ADW15 Fast Manual


We offer volume discounts on 4 or more units – please call 01189 310 396 for info.


data sheet amp1 4

TYPE A B C D F G Panel Cut Out
Panel Mount 72.0 72.0 149.0 17.0 66.0 14.0 67.0 x 67.0
DIN Mount 72.0 72.0 149.0 17.0 67.0 32.0