Load Cell Display – Amplifier ‘All-in-One’ Instrument

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Our Amp9 Instrument has been superseded the Amp1 Instrument. This page is for reference only, as the Amp1 is no longer manufactured.

The Amp1 Instrument is an all in one unit, a 4.5 digit load cell amplifier and display. The unit provides power to the load cell, amplifies the output signal and displays the applied load. The instrument also has the option of 2 x SPDT relays which can be used to switch electrical loads (250V-5A) directly at two different user defined set points or 1 x DPDT relay. The Display has multiple power options – either 240V AC,110V AC or 9-24V DC. There is also the facility to provide an anologue output allowing interface with a PC, chart recorder, etc.


load cell instrument amp1 manual v3.7.pdf

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* refers to default options

data sheet amp1 4

TYPE A B C D F G Panel Cut Out
Panel Mount 72.0 72.0 149.0 17.0 66.0 14.0 67.0 x 67.0
DIN Mount 72.0 72.0 149.0 17.0 67.0 32.0

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