Handheld Load Cell Display

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The Amp4 Classic display is being fased out due to rising production costs, and has been supercceded by our Amp4 Advanced.

The Amp4 Classic (AKA TR150, PSD) is a very handy little battery powered display. The unit provides power to the load cell and displays the resulting signal in whatever units it’s been set up in. It supports two channels, which means it can be set up to display 2 different units for one load cell, or used with two different load cells (e.g. use one channel with 50N load cell and the second channel with a 1 Tonne load cell. Note only one load cell can be connected at a time). Set up with one load cell is included in the price (if purchased at the same time) – just select which units you require. If you want the second channel set up as well, just select your alternative units for the original load cell or the units you want for your second load cell.

Load Cell Handheld Display. This digital load cell amplifier has a 7 digit LCD display which also has peak hold, valley (trough) hold and display hold facilities. Power is provided by two AA batteries, with long life due to the power saving features that are designed in to the product. The housing is sealed to IP65.


– Hand Held Load Cell Display (manual pdf)

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