Compact Type Load Cell 50kN 100kN 200kN

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The 310 Series is a range of space efficient high capacity load cells, designed for compression only applications. This load cell is typically used in bearing supports, building monitoring and silo weighing. If you’re looking for a slightly smaller load cell then have a look at our 300 or 410 Series.

Now Available with In-line conditioning modules. PC-USB, 0-5V, 0-10V, +/-10V, 4-20mA.


Specification: (Standard Output)

Standard Ranges 0 to 50, 100, 200kN
Excitation Voltage 10V (normal), 15V (max) DC*
Sensitivity 2.0 mV/V (nominal)*
Non-Linearity 0.25% of F.R.O or Better
Hysteresis 0.15% of F.R.O or Better
Zero Balance 0.5% of F.R.O or Better
Bridge Resistance 350 Ohm (4 Gauge Bridge)
Over Load Characteristics 150% Safe Overload
200% Ultimate Overload
Insulation Resistance > 2000M Ohm
Storage Temp -40 to +70 Degrees C
Operating Temp -20 to +70 Degrees C
Compensated Temp +20 to +70 Degrees C
Electrical Connections Integral Screened Cable
Thermal Sensitivity 0.005% of F.R.O/Degrees C or better


*Load Cells With USB or Amplified Modules click here for specifications


Compact Type Load Cell



UKAS Calibration (previously NAMAS)
Modified Cable Lengths

Electrical Connections:

Red – Excitation +V
Blue – Excitation -V
Green – Output +V
Yellow – Output -V
(Output In Compression)


Load Pad


Capacity A B C Weight
0 to 50, 100, 200kN 50.0 40.0 55.0 0.5kg

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