The Load Cell Shop Christmas Quiz 2022

Published On: December 22 2022

Test your knowledge of load cells and general trivia with our Christmas 2022 quiz.

  1. Our low profile 100 series load cells are ideal for high accuracy load weighing. According to the Guinness Book of Records, how much did the world’s heaviest mince pie weigh?

a. 1.02 tonnes

b. 2.01 tonnes

c. 0.52 tonnes


  1. Back in January, we looked at the role load cells play in creating big data sets for assessing and monitoring crane lifts. In which US city did the fictional sitcom character Dr Frasier Crane host a live radio show after he moved from Boston?

a. San Francisco

b. San Diego

c. Seattle


  1. In our blog on load cells and shearing carpets, we discovered that weighing yourself on a carpet can reduce your weight by up to:

a. 1kg

b. 10kg

c. 25kg


  1. Our social media team are big fans of Eurovision (as you probably have gathered by now). In this year’s Eurovision Song Contest,, the UK’s “Space Man” Sam Ryder lost to the Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra’s song ”Stefania”. How many points did the Ukrainian group score?

a. 345

b. 427

c. 631


  1. You may have forgotten by now, but the UK got very hot in the summer, even in Berkshire. According to our local newspaper, “The University of Reading’s Atmospheric Observatory recorded 37.6C, the hottest since records began in 1908.” However, our load cells don’t even break a sweat at that temperature! What’s the highest point in our load cell temperature safe operating range?

a. 70 C

b. 60 C

c. 50 C


  1. If you’re a dog owner, you’ll be reassured to know that dog harnesses are crash-tested using load cells. (According to that blog, what percentage of UK households own a dog?

a. 27.75%

b. 33%

c. 50%


  1. In our article on load cells in automotive testing, where has Honda built the world’s most advanced wind tunnel at a cost of $124million?

a. Ohio

b. Osaka

c. Orpington


  1. Do our Wireless Load Link load cells need a cable to connect to our hand held display unit?

a. Yes

b. No

c. “I am sorry but the person you are asking is out at the office Xmas bash and making the most of being with real people again. Please ask again in 2023.”


  1. For our article on load cells and bridge cable monitoring which bridge do we show in the photo?

a. The Golden Gate Bridge, California

b. The Genoa San Giorgio Bridge

c. The Tajo Viaduct in Spain


  1. How many “pigs in blankets” does Retail Week magazine say Aldi plan to “shift” this year?

a. 16 million

b. 27 million

c. 38 million


  1. We asked an eggnog question last year, so here’s another. What elements in eggnog trap air to stabilise the product?

a. Egg proteins

b. Lipids (fats)

c. Caster sugar


  1. At the Load Cell Shop, you can buy a single load cell or a whole load of load cells. So we’re asking again, which of these is going to be the No1 single for Christmas 2022?

a. LadBaby with Martin Lewis

b. Raye

c. Mariah Carey (again)

e. Wham! (again)

f. Stormzy

All of us at The Load Cell Shop and Richmond Industries wish you a Merry Christmas and a relaxing break.












According to the Guinness World Record website, “The largest mince pie weighed 1.02 tonnes (2,260lb) (and) measured 20 x 5 ft (6.1 x 1.5 m). On 14 October 1932, the finished pie was taken to nearby Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire, and displayed as part of the town’s shopping festival.” The giant pie’s ingredients included 220lb of suet, 160lb of sugar and 1.5 gallons of rum.


Actor Kelsey Grammer won four Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards for his portrayal of the snobbish and uptight psychiatrist.


Guess where we’ll be putting the bathroom scales after Christmas…


What a night that was! We all knew Ukraine were the hot favourites, but our Sam did the UK proud with an impressive performance and an (almost) winning smile.


We know that much of southern Europe experience that level of summer temperatures all the time, but it was definitely “feeling hot-hot-hot” in our load cell manufacturing facility here in Reading.


27% of UK households have a cat. 27.75% of UK households have no children. Go figure!


Honda’s new HALO facility features a 8 metres fan to blast winds down the 200+m jet tunnel. We’re just glad we won’t be paying their electricity bill….


Not the most taxing of questions, is it?


Doesn’t it look splendid? In case you love a good bridge and load cell story, here’s our Genoa bridge article.


It really doesn’t bear thinking about…

11. All of them

Check out the science of eggnog in this article form the University of Surrey.

12. Whatever

Your guess is as good as ours! But if Ladbaby do it again, as the Official Charts website says “With a fifth consecutive Christmas Number 1, Mark and Roxanne Hoyle would both extend their own record-breaking run and become the first act in UK chart history with five Official Christmas Number 1s.”