Six of the best: our top load cells articles of 2023

Published On: December 31 2023

It’s been a busy year for exciting projects involving load cells. As always, we’ve been writing about the best load cell stories every two weeks, building up an impressive archive of informal yet informative articles. here’s our pick of the top six from 2023.

1. Go robo turtle!

We love a good robot story, and we love turtles too, so we couldn’t believe our luck when we discovered in “Nature” magazine a paper on the creation of an Amphibious Robotic Turtle (ART). Like the real thing, this robot is mobile in the water as well as on land.

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2. Polar bears and load cells (update)

We needed no excuse to update our incredibly popular polar bear article with the latest information. Sadly, it wasn’t always good news for the bears…

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3. Building bridges

2023 featured two major bridge building projects in the UK, including the largest bridge moving project of its kind in Europe. So we looked at the positioning a 5,000t bridge under a main railway line at Ravenscraig. Closer to our Reading HQ, we’ve also been following the progress of some major bridge beam lifts at the A3 Wisley Interchange project.

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And here:


4. The EV revolution

If you’re one of the nearly 1 million people in the UK who own an all electric vehicle in the UK, you’ll want to check out the role load cells are playing in developing the next generation of li-ion EV batteries.

And here’s a quick fact that surprised us: according to Auto Express, in 2023 the Tesla Model Y (starting price £44,990) remained the country’s best-selling electric car. Who knew!

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5. What F1 drivers really think about load cells

It’s not often you hear F1 drivers mention load cells in statements, so many thanks to Lewis Hamilton for doing so – even if he wasn’t totally complementary!


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6. And we even got Eurovision right!

This year marks a major landmark in our social team’s obsession with the Eurovision Song Contest. Not only did we feature a story about the Swedish singer Loreen from Sweden and her ‘hamburger’ screens before the final, but she then went on to win the whole competition! Result!

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Can’t remember the song? Of course you can! It was even used in a Christmas advert this year. A quick reminder…


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