Making their mark: load cells in die stamping tool monitoring

Published On: April 12 2024

Whether you are stamping out simple designs or creating complex shapes, your product is only as good as the tool that creates it. A paper published in “Measurement” described how load cells can be used to monitor, maintain and detect failure in tooling and maximise output.

Cutting-edge research

The team fitted a load cell to a progressive tool to provide a baseline of its real-time cutting force. Changes in this cutting force could indicate a series of potential issues requiring the tool to be checked.

For example:

  • An increase in cutting force could indicate that there was punch cutting-edge loss and the tool required sharpening.
  • The research showed that just a 5% increase in cutting force could be due to scrap accumulating on the cutting die.
  • When punching holes, that could increase to 13% additional force to clear excess material stuck to the die.
  • In the case of a punch actually breaking, the force would suddenly plummet to almost zero as the punch no longer make contact with the material.


Load cells in action

The team described how load cells were used at all stages of their research.

“A mixed approach … was applied aiming to observe changes in the cutting force as a function of the punch cutting edge loss applying a load cell … The research continued with the manufacturing of a progressive tool adapted with a load cell to monitor real-time graphical variations in cutting force during tool operation … The work conducted was based on monitoring changes in cutting force in a progressive tool, through load cell instrumentation in its cutting assembly.”


Load cells for innovative research projects

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