Load Cell Quick Selection lbs

Low Capacity

Price From (ex VAT): £159.95

Cantilever Beam

Price From (ex VAT): £59.95


Price From (ex VAT): £179.95


Price From (ex VAT): £179.95

Mini In-Line

Price From (ex VAT): £199.95

Mini Button

Price From (ex VAT): £199.95

S Beam

Price From (ex VAT): £139.95

S Beam – Large

Price From (ex VAT): £149.95

Low Profile

Price From (ex VAT): £299.95

Low Profile – Large

Price From (ex VAT): £399.95

Shear Beam

Price From (ex VAT): £119.95


Price From (ex VAT): £249.95

Compact – Large

Price From (ex VAT): £299.95

High Capacity

Price From (ex VAT): £499.95

Load Link

Price From (ex VAT): £669.95


Price From (ex VAT): £219.95

* The basic accuracy figure shown is the nonlinearity error, expressed as a persentage of capacity.

Example: load cell capacity = 1000kg, accuracy = 0.05%, nonlinearity error = 1000 x (0.05/100) = 0.5kg.

The information shown above is indicative only, please see individual product pages for actual data.

About Richmond Industries, aka The Load Cell Shop

We’re based in the South of England and have been manufacturing and supplying load cells and load cell equipment from the same site in Reading for more than 20 years. We can fulfil all your load cell requirements from providing expert advice and high quality load cells to load cell calibration, inspection and repair.

As load cell designers, with specialist skills and experience spanning over two decades, you can be sure our load cell are of the highest quality. All of our load cells are made from a handful of select materials that produce consistent, high performance and durable products.

We design, manufacture and supply all types of load cells for accurate measurement and monitoring, whether in materials testing, compression testing, university laboratory testing, or out in the real world. You’ll find our load sensors on anything from barrels to silos, automobiles to airships, heavy loads to horses!

We can manufacture bespoke load cells for specific tasks in manufacturing, research and commercial applications. We also supply major testing machine manufacturers with unbranded, cost-effective load cell components – call us with your requirements and see how we can help.