Why buy load cells from Richmond Industries

Published On: November 23 2016

We design and manufacture high quality, reliable, durable, and very cost-effective UK manufactured load cells. And that’s just for starters.

High Quality Materials
The most important thing in a load cell, by far, is the material it is made from.
Good quality load cells are made from only a handful of select materials. Our experience has taught us that only the best quality of these materials produces reliable, consistent and high performance product.

Fully Traceable Materials
Most of our load cells are not made from the common ‘off the shelf’ materials but the ‘released’ materials (which means they are fully traceable and are certified for use on aircraft). We even specify which mill the material is to come from. Only in this way can we ensure batch to batch consistency.

High Performance Internal Components And Finishes
All our internal components are also all high performance items. The finishes we use on our products make them look good and we think they complement and add value to any equipment they are used on.

Exceptional Build Quality
We work to the BSSM code of practice (British Society for Strain Measurement). Which is the Bible in our industry. This ensures that the finished product will give good performance and last for many years not just many months.

Superb Quality Record
Our quality record is self-evident. Last year one of our larger customers, who monitor our quality, gave us a 99.7% quality rating.

Easy To Buy Online
There’s a reason why this website is called the Load Cell Shop. You can browse our entire range and buy any of our load cells, load links, and accessories online, 24/7/365. Simply select the load cells and products you want, add them to your basket, and check out using your credit card or Paypal for payment. It’s safe, secure and very convenient whether you’re in an office, a laboratory, on the late shift or out and about.

Telephone ordering for technophobes
Yes, you can still call us during office hours and order over the phone, no problem.
+44 1189 310 396. We also accept Purchase Orders from universities, government bodies and PLC’s.

Friendly UK Customer Support
We have a good working relationship with our customers and try to go the ‘extra mile’ when ever possible. English is our first language.

Knowledgeable Technical Backup
Many years of load cell design make us experts in our field. We are happy to share this knowledge with anyone that is interested, or wishes to be bored to death.

Rapid Delivery
Most of our products are held in stock in a ‘near complete’ state which means it only takes a day or so to complete, test and ship. If it’s just a few items, we can operate an almost next day service. For larger or annual orders, we can work to a call-off schedule as required.

OK, So Why Are Your Load Cells So Inexpensive?
Good question – here’s the answer. We’ll give you a hint – our CEO likes making load cells way more than lazing in the Bahamas. Sad but true.