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Published On: June 26 2009


What We Do.
At Richmond Industries we manufacture and supply load cells and associated equipment. We are based in south of England and have been manufacturing from the same site in Reading for about 20 years. All our products are selectable from the blue menu. If you’re not sure what type of load cell you need just click on the ‘All Products by Photo’ at the bottom of the grey menu. Other services we offer are listed below.

Special and Variant Load Cells
If our standard range of load cells just won’t fit, then we can design you one that will. Obviously we can’t rewrite the laws of physics, but pretty much any problem you have, we can solve. From a few grams to 100’s of Tonnes. Typical lead times are around 6 weeks.

Look-A-Like Load Cells

Lebow, Interface, HBM, Maywood, Veccer, Tonne, Saxeway Sensors, Sensonics, Negretti, RDP, Sensortronics, PT Precision Transducers, Celtron, Revere, Tedea Huntleigh, Defiant, Sensy, Sensortec, RDP, RS, Novatec…..etc, etc……We’ve been in the business of designing load cells for decades so if you need a replacement load cell or an equivalent** of another manufacture or just want a cheaper version of one you’re buying today. Just supply us with a specification or a sample and we’ll give you a quote, be it for 1 or 1000 units. Surprisingly we can normally design and supply new load cells faster and cheaper than so called standard product from other manufactures.

Inspection and Repair
We will have a look at your dead or dying load cell and tell you what the problem is, and if we can repair it (pricing is subject to inspection).


We can calibrate most load cells and indicators from a few grams to 1000 Tonne – call for pricing

System Specification

Not sure what products you need or how to tackle your problem. We can put a system together for you.

Supply Complete
We are happy to fit free issue customer connectors to our load cells (subject to tooling), or on contract orders, purchase connectors directly from suppliers so that materials are not needlessly shipped around the country, also cutting down on pointless admin.

Some Reasons to buy from Richmond

The Basics

The most important thing in a load cell, by far, is the material it is made from. Good quality load cells are made from only a hand full of select materials. Our experience has taught us that only the best quality of these materials produces reliable, consistent and high performance product. This is so much so, that most of our load cells are not made from the common ‘off the shelf’ materials but the ‘released’ materials (which means they are fully traceable and are certified for use on aircraft). But we don’t stop there, as we even specify which mill the material is to come from. Only in this way can we ensure batch to batch consistency. All our internal components are also all high performance items. The finishes we use on our products make them look good and we think they complement and add value to any equipment they are used on.

Build Quality
We work to the BSSM code of practice (British Society for Strain Measurement). Which is the Bible in our industry. This ensures that the finished product will give good performance and last for many years not just many months.

Our quality record is self-evident. Last year one of our larger customers, who monitor our quality, gave us a 99.7% quality rating.

Customer Support
We have a good working relationship with our customers and try to go the ‘extra mile’ when ever possible. English is our first language.

Technical Backup

Many years of load cell design make us experts in our field and we are happy to share this knowledge with anyone that is interested or wishes to be bored to death.


Most of our products are held in stock in a ‘near complete’ state which means it only takes a day or so to complete, test and ship. If it’s just a few items we can operate an almost next day service. For larger or annual orders we can work to a call off schedule as required.

What a Bargain!
At Richmond Industries we work to very high standards and are proud of the load cells we produce, but on occasion a load cell can become cosmetically damaged during manufacture. We are unwilling to pass these items on to our customers but we also understand there are people out there that like a bargain and are not concerned about the look of the product. As these load cells only have minor cosmetic damage and are fully functional in every other respect, we thought we’d create a Bargain Bin. Obviously we are unable to predict which load cells or capacities will come up but keep checking back and you might get lucky!

**Obviously on a one off basis we would not be able to obtain certifications such as OIML or ATEX etc but if these are important to you we may still be able to source you an equivalent product.

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