Look-A-Like Load Cells

Published On: November 23 2016

The same quality, look and style of the big brand names, but without the hefty price tag. We can replicate the function and form of load cells from leading manufacturers including:

  • Applied
  • Celtron
  • Defiant
  • HBM
  • Interface
  • Lebow
  • Mantracourt
  • Maywood
  • Negretti
  • Novatec
  • PT Precision Transducers
  • RDP
  • RDP
  • Revere
  • RS
  • Saxeway Sensors
  • Sensonics
  • Sensortec
  • Sensortronics,
  • Sensy
  • Tedea Huntleigh
  • Tonne
  • Veccer

In fact (and this is strictly between ourselves) we actually manufacture load cells for other load cell manufacturers. Of course, we can’t tell you which ones, but under the label, your brand name load cell might actually be one of ours.

Replacement load cells to your exact specs
We’ve been in the business of designing load cells for decades. So if you need a replacement load cell or an equivalent** of another manufacture or just want a cheaper version of one you’re buying today, contact us. Simply supply us with a specification or a sample, and we’ll give you a quote, be it for 1 or 1000 units.

Faster, cheaper, and (possibly) better
Surprisingly we can normally design and supply new load cells faster and cheaper than so-called standard product from other manufactures.

Interested? Call us today on +44 1189 310 396 – we’re happy to help.

**Obviously on a one off basis we would not be able to obtain certifications such as OIML or ATEX etc but if these are important to you we may still be able to source you an equivalent product.