About Richmond Industries

Published On: November 23 2016

About Richmond Industries

Richmond Industries designs and manufactures advanced load cells and force transducers for industry, governments and universities all over the world. We then sell them online at our e-commerce website, The Load Cell Shop.

Our Clients
Clients across the globe depend on Richmond for precision accuracy load cells and custom force measurement solutions.
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Bespoke and custom-made load cell solutions
With more than 20 years’ expertise, Richmond Industries thrives on tough challenges and tight deadlines. We can design, manufacture and calibrate specific load cells to your exact requirements.
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How to buy Richmond Industries load cells online
All our products are selectable from the blue menu above. Just roll your mouse over each blue tab to reveal the drop-down menu underneath.

If you’re not sure what type of load cell you need just click on ‘All Products by Photo’ at the bottom of the grey menu. Or call us on +44 1189 310 396 with your specific requirements for friendly advice anytime during office hours.

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