Custom-designed load cells from Richmond Industries

At Richmond Industries, we design and manufacture advanced load cells and force transducers for clients in industry, governments and universities all over the world. They depend on us for precise, accurate cells and custom force measurement solutions.

And we can do the same for you.

Special and Variant Load Cells

If our standard range of load cells just won’t fit, then we can design you one that will. Obviously we can’t rewrite the laws of physics, but pretty much any problem you have, we can solve, from a few grams to 100’s of tonnes. Typical lead times are around 6 weeks.

Need Bespoke Load Cells?

Contact us on +44 1189 310 396 to discuss your specific requirements, whether for industrial applications, laboratory testing, university research projects, prototype inventions, or just to talk all things load cells with people who really understand them.

System Specification

Not sure what products you need or how to tackle your problem? We can put a system together for you that’ll do the job and more.

Load Cells Supply Complete

We are happy to fit free issue customer connectors to our load cells (subject to tooling). On contract orders, we can purchase connectors directly from suppliers so that materials are not needlessly shipped around the country, which also cuts down on pointless admin.

Inspection and Repair

We will have a look at your dead or dying load cell and tell you what the problem is, and if we can repair it (pricing is subject to inspection). If not, we can offer our own lower cost alternatives without the expense of brand names load cells, where you’re paying for the logo rather than the contents…

Bespoke, Customised, Custom-Made, Tailor-Made, One-Off

In the end, it all means the same – high quality load cells designed and built to your specific requirements, here in the UK. Whether you need 50 or 5 (or even just 1), contact us – +44 1189 310 396.