Handheld Load Cell DisplayMantracourt PSD
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Handheld Load Cell Display

Mantracourt PSD

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Mantracourt PSD

The PSD is a very handy little battery-powered display. The unit provides power to the load cell and displays the resulting signal in whatever units it’s been set up in. It supports two channels, which means it can be used with two different load cells or one load cell with two different units.

PSD-RI and PSD-NB are identical products in every way except for the barnading. All "PSD-" units are the same. The code after the hypen only identifies the branding.

RI - Stands for Richmond Industries (LoadCellShop Logo) and NB stands for Non Branded (No Logo). Our product (PSD-RI) is discounted for marketing reasons.


Mantracourt PSD Part Numbers

 Handheld Load Cell Display  PSD-NB 
 Exacty the same as above but with LoadCellShop logo  PSD-RI
 Handheld Load Cell Display with RS232 output  PSD232-NB 
 Accessory - Black leather case with clear viewing window and shoulder strap    TR100-CA  
 Accessory - Extra Mating Connector  427-148




PSD Size and Specification    PSD Manual


We offer volume discounts on 4 or more units - please call 01189 310 396 for info.